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Next Generation Application Performance Management

Automatic Contextual Insights to Drive Intelligent Actions

Making Observability Ready for the Enterprise by correlating and analyzing everything within context

  • Ingest every monitoring metric
  • Trace every request
  • Profile every process


Manage the performance of your applications in real-time

See every detail about the inner workings and inter-dependencies of your application services

  • Trace every distributed request
  • Map all service dependencies
  • Profile every production process


Provide exceptional customer experiences

Optimize the user experience with detailed browser performance data correlated to backend performance

  • Trace and correlate every browser request
  • Capture JavaScript errors, correlated with source maps
  • View granular navigation and resource timings


Take control of your complex environments

Understand the health of your infrastructure, containers, and orchestration with zero effort

  • Correlated with application performance
  • Automated continuous discovery
  • 1 second metric granularity
  • Infrastructure-Containers

Optimize end-to-end performance with Unbounded Analytics™

Intuitively drill into any data point with infinitely flexible filtering. View disparate pieces of correlated data, tied together for quick analysis.

  • Filter based analysis
  • Distributed trace analytics
  • Open source tracing analytics


Identify the root cause of every service impact

Recreate the user perspective with detailed browser performance data correlated to backend performance

  • Automated anomaly detection
  • Events correlated to root cause
  • Impact based alerting


Deliver better applications faster with Pipeline Feedback™

Immediately know whether to roll back or promote new software releases. Instana Pipeline Feedback integrates with your DevOps toolchain.

  • Integrated with any tool via API
  • Release markers on charts
  • “Before and after” health analysis


Know the impact of every dependency with Context Guide™

See every infrastructure and service dependency in context. Immediately understand how issues with one component are affecting other components.

  • 1 click to understanding
  • Identify all upstream/downstream service impact
  • Automatically adjusts to an entity in focus


Automate alerting best practices

Automatically generate alerting configurations using relevant KPIs and automatic threshold detection.

  • Automates alert management and scoping
  • Built on real-world situational use cases
  • Unlimited dimensions for unlimited flexibility


Why use APM?

The first and only fully automated Application Performance Management (APM) solution designed specifically for the
challenges of managing microservice and cloud-native applications.

  • Gain instant visibility with zero effort
  • Quickly make sense of chaotic modern environments
  • Identify and solve performance issues in seconds

200+ Technologies Supported

No plug-ins. No restarts.


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