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Resourcing, Information Technology
Resourcing, Information Technology

Team building partnership with TQ

Our business is focussed on reducing complexity within IT in large and medium sized businesses. Virtually everything we do involves integration between a diverse range of services in the value chain from inception to deployment and continuous operation. To achieve this, we must assemble teams of highly capable professionals from a wide variety of disciplines. Our teams are usually structured along the following lines:
  • A core group of specialists in our proprietary solutions
  • A core group of specialists in the toolsets provided by our business partners
  • These core specialists are the heart of any team we deploy to provide solutions and services for our clients
  • The core teams are augmented by staff drawn from a wide pool of top-class consultants who form part of our network and are drawn in when their particular skills are required.

Resourcing, Information Technology
Resourcing, Information Technology
As a result of more than a decade of experience of sourcing and assembling teams of highly skilled professionals to augment our own teams we have a wide network of skills to draw from.

Do you want us to assist you with the appropriate people for:

  • Development
  • Application Performance Management
  • Quality Assurance
  • Operations Management
  • Banking
  • Solutions Architecture

A Final Word

  • People matter.
  • A prerequisite for a successful project is a great team
  • A prerequisite for a great team is great individuals
  • Our products and services cover most of the disciplines in IT
  • We have assembled many great teams to complement our product and services over more than a decade
  • Let us help you assemble a great team.
Resourcing, Information Technology


Information Technology, Simplified

We are a company of self-motivated individuals that share a common goal and purpose.

Each individual in the company has a high degree of autonomy and we are managed and remunerated based on outcomes.