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IT2Biz is a reporting service that delivers operational information reports from IT to business.

  • Integrates data from multiple sources
  • Standard & custom reports and dashboards
  • No license fees

Organisations depend on the speed of databases to support their critical applications.

Often when applications run slow and user experience degrades, the bottleneck will reside in the database.

This is because data volumes are ever increasing and efficiently scanning through vast amounts of data to find and return the rows required by the application can be a challenge.

Monitoring the performance of those databases is therefore vital and these days, it is no longer just DBAs who need this information.

TQ delivers actionable database performance information in an easy to digest way that can be consumed by DBAs as well as application developers, DevOps engineers, SRE teams, architects, data scientists, IT managers and more.

Key Features

Downtime Reports


Launching Soon...

Eg. IT operations reliability will be at component level throughout the stack whereas Biz only gets an overview with red flags.

  • Single view of all your monitored and unmonitored systems onto a dashboard and reports. Bearing in mind monitoring does not cover everything in your organisation
  • Reliability at component level throughout the stack
  • Identify repeating problems
  • MTTR per stack entity
  • Bottlenecks at component level
  • Database health
  • Capacity utilisation
  • Response times
  • Extraction data for security. E.g., number of failed logon attempts, to flag a potential malicious attack on the system


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