IT2Biz is a reporting service that delivers operational information reports from IT to business.

  • Integrates data from multiple sources
  • Standard & custom reports and dashboards
  • No license fees

Downtime Reports


Launching Soon...

Eg. IT operations reliability will be at component level throughout the stack whereas Biz only gets an overview with red flags.

  • Single view of all your monitored and unmonitored systems onto a dashboard and reports. Bearing in mind monitoring does not cover everything in your organisation
  • Reliability at component level throughout the stack
  • Identify repeating problems
  • MTTR per stack entity
  • Bottlenecks at component level
  • Database health
  • Capacity utilisation
  • Response times
  • Extraction data for security. E.g., number of failed logon attempts, to flag a potential malicious attack on the system
IT2Biz in PDF


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