Endpoint Management

End Point Management, IT Services
End Point Management, IT Services

Endpoint Management in a single pane to give your organisation control and save you time

End Point Management, IT Services

Inventory and IT Asset Management

Discovers all hardware and software on your network and provides you with ongoing IT inventory management (ITIM), IT asset management (ITAM) and software asset management (SAM), with robust reporting and alerting for most platforms. Whether you are running Windows, Mac OS X, Linux, UNIX, Chrome, iOS or Android, the solution provides you with detailed oversight of your entire environment from a single pane.

End Point Management, IT Services

Software License Management

Provides inventory, asset management and reporting capabilities that can save your organization money through pragmatic software asset management (SAM) with optimal utilization of purchased licenses and license harvesting.

Comprehensive reporting also helps you prove your compliance and allows the assignment and reconciliation of software licenses against auto-discovered software to ensure your organization stays within license.

Secure network-connected devices

End Point Management, IT Services

Patch Management and Endpoint Security

Helps reduce the complexity of your IT infrastructure because you don’t have to maintain multiple patching solutions.

Periodic scans and patch assessments help you identify computers where automated patch management isn’t working, so you can address those computers and correct the problem in real time.

End Point Management, IT Services

Software Distribution

The Endpoint Management solution reduces the burden on your IT staff by automatically carrying out software distributions and software upgrades to Windows, Mac and Linux computers and servers across multiple locations.

End Point Management, IT Services

Service Desk Management

Service desk capabilities provide advanced functionality to automate repetitive tasks, along with robust incident management (e.g. ticketing) capabilities.

The integration of the service desk with other processes enables you to deploy a single solution for IT asset management, endpoint security and end user support, reducing time.

End Point Management, IT Services

Get control of your mobile endpoint environment

With Mobile Device Manager (MDM), you need no longer compromise endpoint security to enable end user productivity – both are achievable goals for your organization using this cloud-based, mobile device management solution.

Cloud MDM provides you with the visibility and control you need, so you are able to easily enrol mobile devices, build a comprehensive inventory, systematically manage and configure devices, and secure your business resources.


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