Dangers of Using Outdated Endpoint Management Tools

Deploying a comprehensive endpoint management solution is no longer just an option, but a necessity. In a rapidly evolving IT landscape, it is imperative to look for an endpoint management solution that is constantly developing and is designed to handle the complexity of today’s IT environments. You need an endpoint management solution that allows you to manage everything from a single console and helps you improve IT efficiency.

Here are some major drawbacks of using an endpoint management tool that isn’t keeping up:

Diminished IT operational efficiency — Technology is constantly evolving and an obsolete endpoint management solution that allows you to manage only traditional endpoints can no longer cut it. You need a next-gen solution that helps manage the complex IT environments of today complete with virtualization, cloud computing, network devices, IoT and the like.

Increased risk of security incidents and breaches — Weak endpoint security exposes your systems and networks to potential cyberattacks. In the absence of automated patch management, efficient AV/AM deployment and integrated backup solutions, your IT systems are at risk of cyberattacks.

Higher software and labor costs — In the absence of a unified endpoint management solution, businesses end up spending a lot more on IT labor costs and multiple software solutions to manage their IT environments.

Higher error rates — Due to manual IT processes, your team is likely to make more errors that affect their ability to keep your systems and networks secure and minimize downtime.

Source: https://www.kaseya.com


Selecting the Best Endpoint Management Solution for Your Organization

One of the primary requirements of a business looking to efficiently manage its IT infrastructure is an endpoint management tool that monitors and manages all endpoints and devices, including network devices, workstations and servers, as well as virtual machines and cloud resources.

An Endpoint Management solution, allows IT teams to manage a wide range of endpoints and devices. It automates IT to drive operational efficiency — allowing IT teams to do more with their existing resources. This is critical in today’s environment where the demands on IT are increasing dramatically.


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