Overcome Endpoint Security Challenges and Build a Stronger Environment

Overcome Endpoint Security Challenges and Build a Stronger Environment

Managing and securing endpoints used to be relatively simple. Whenever an organization added a user, IT would deploy a new PC or laptop, connect it to the network and load it with antivirus software to fend off malware. IT would stick a barcode on each laptop and hope it wouldn’t get lost. Then everything changed. Once smartphones, tablets and a variety of purpose-built mobile devices entered the picture, managing endpoints was no longer so simple. Complexity further increased as organizations started adopting bring your own device Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) policies, allowing employees to access company data with personal smartphones, tablets and laptops. BYOD is a common practice today, with 44% of companies having adopted it and another 19% planning to, according to an Informa Engage survey commissioned by Quest Software.

This created serious management and security challenges, but organizations found relief in mobile device management (MDM) solutions. And just when
it looked like the challenge had been met, the Internet of Things (IoT) started creating new challenges.

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