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IT2Biz and OPS2IT - automated reporting services providing business-critical information on a regular basis.

IT2Biz is a reporting service that delivers operational information reports from IT to business.

  • Integrates data from multiple sources
  • Standard & custom reports and dashboards
  • No license fees

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Eg IT operations reliability will be at component level throughout the stack whereas Biz only gets an overview with red flags.

  • Single view of all your monitored and unmonitored systems onto a dashboard and reports. monitoring does not cover everything in your organisation.
  • Reliability at component level throughout the stack
  • Identify repeating problems
  • MTTR per stack entity
  • Bottlenecks at component level
  • Database health
  • Capacity utilisation
  • Response times
  • Extraction data for security. E.g., number of failed logons attempts to flag a potential malicious attack on the system

Banking IT Services

Time Quantum offers the following Services for the Oracle Flexcube Banking Suite

  • Flexcube Domain Experts
  • Functional Requirement Specification
  • Gap Analysis for Upgrades and Customizations
  • Implementation and Testing
  • Implementation Program Management
  • Digital Onboarding

Professional Resourcing

Team building partnership, our business is focussed on reducing complexity within IT in large and medium sized businesses. Virtually everything we do involves integration between a diverse range of services in the value chain from inception to deployment and continuous operation. To achieve this, we must assemble teams of highly capable professionals from a wide variety of disciplines.

Centralised Operational Information Management (COIM)

The Time Quantum Centralised Operational Information Management (COIM) system utilises proprietary and industry standard technology to centralise information from operational sources such as Applications Performance Monitoring, database monitoring, service management and incident management systems.

Application Performance Management

Application Performance Management with a difference that gives insight into you end to end application stack. Map and visualize the relationships between individual services and end-to-end performance, allowing interactive performance tuning to take place in any part of the map.

From the users’ browsers to back-end storage and transaction systems. Deploy monitoring for infrastructure, middleware, applications, back-end systems and more, tying each layer together in a holistic view of performance.

Endpoint Management

Endpoint Management with a difference! Give you the ability to grow your business, a game changer for the bottom line. Time Quantum simplifies Endpoint Management with automation and related services to replace your manual processes including Security, Software deployment, Software updates and more..

What is your Endpoint Management Score?

Whatever your Endpoint Managment score is - TQ provides ...
Less than 500 Points5%
Between 501 & 1000 Points20%
Between 1501 & 2000 Points40%
Between 2001 & 3000 Points60%
More than 3000 Points95%


Information Technology, Simplified

We are a company of self-motivated individuals that share a common goal and purpose.

Each individual in the company has a high degree of autonomy and we are managed and remunerated based on outcomes.